This women's gambler hat has a tall telescope crown and a wide, upturned brim making it a totally unique style. The Ty is a new women's felt hat that we're excited to add to the Gigi Pip lineup.  

 The Ty is made of 100% Australian Wool and has a crown height of 5" (13cm) and and brim width of 3.5"(9cm). 

The Ty is available in sizes 55 XS, 57 S/M, 59 M/L and 61 XL with an an adjustable inner band to ensure the perfect fit!

Upturned Brim - Dark Brown

Excluding GST/HST
  • Gigi Pip hats sizes are as follows:

    Kids (51cm to 53cm)
    XS (53cm to 55cm)
    S/M (55cm to 57cm)
    M/L (57cm to 59cm)
    XL (59cm to 61cm)

    What is the Most Common Hat Size?

    The most common hat size is a S/M (57cm). While this is the most common hat size, remember that properly sizing your Gigi Pip hat will ensure the best fit.


    Hats are measured by the inside circumference at the bottom of the hat's crown (the sweatband) and most often measured in centimeters. While hats may be sized according to their measurement, it is fairly common for women's hats to be sized based on average women's head sizes and then adjusted down to fit. 

    What is the Average Hat Size for Women?

    Women's hat sizes are fairly intuitive. Since the average women's head size measures 57cm, a small to medium hat would be made to fit 57cm and then can be adjusted down to 55cm. A large hat size will coordinate with larger head sizes that measure up to 59cm, so a medium to large size hat would be made to fit a 59cm head size and then can be adjusted down to 57cm. Children ages 7 and below are typically 53cm, and those ages 7+ tend to be 55cm.