Why choose Sweet as Sugar?

My husband Jordan and I have always been two individuals who believe in helping others any way we can. We are excited to share how we personally give back to people in both our community and around the world. 

When you get a service done at Sweet as Sugar a portion of that money is given to our local church. This money then goes to charities in our community and abroad. On top of giving money each week to the church, my husband and I sponsor three children living in Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi.


This is Zena. We have been sponsoring her for a little over five years now. Zena lives in Tanzania, Africa, she is ten years old and lives with her two sisters, one brother, mother and father. I could go on and on about her life but ill stop it at that. Zena often sends us photos of her family and the things she buys with the money we donate to her. In one picture is Zena showing off a mattress and a new dress that she purchased within the first 6 months of us sponsoring her, and within the first 2 years, she sent us another picture with her family, and a bunch of living necessities her and her family had purchased.   

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An extension to our family

This is Robinson. My husband Jordan and I have been sponsoring Robinson for almost four years. He lives in Kenya, Africa, with his family. Robinson goes to school and does house chores on weekends and week nights. Robinson sends lots of letters, but not as many pictures as Zena.


The joy of sponsoring a child is beyond what words can explain. I am not here to convince you to sponsor a child your self, although I do encourage it, I am simply here to say that there may be 50 different spa's to book appointments at, who all have the same credentials, but I am asking you to book your appointment with Sweet as Sugar, because your dollar goes that one extra step to not only helping yourself, but helping others as well! 

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This is Madalitso. We began sponsoring her about 6 months ago. She live with her parents, 3 brothers and 2 sisters in Africa. She helps at home by carrying wood. She is in Grade 4, currently enrolled in primary school and favourite subject is writing. She likes to play ball games and is in good health. Her whole community of over 300 children were sponsored in the same weekend thanks to our amazing church and its generosity.